Welcome to Rambling Rosie

We’re glad you’re here. We’re glad we’re here. And we’re excited for the journey.

A few years ago, we (Judson and Kirsten) became part of an amazing company called Odog Adventures.  It quite literally changed our lives.

We went through a lot with the Odog family, including the passing of the owner and founder of Odog Adventures, Joel Belmer. We count ourselves lucky to have had Joel in our lives and are blessed each and every day by the gift he gave the universe in the form of Odog Adventures.

Since then, a lot has change in our life. We’ve moved ( a few times), we lost our beloved pup Max, we got married, we worked to heal from loss, and a new pup, Rosie, found us at just the right time.

our pup max at 15 years old

Judson also found his calling in photography. He now owns and operates Odog Adventures and spends his day hiking with dogs and taking incredible pictures of the sneaky and miraculous lives our dogs live when we’re not watching.

But since our wedding this April, we began to feel the itch for change. Not the end of Odog Adventures of course, but the itch to do more with our time and skills.

To that end, we’ve put together the concept for new a venture that we hope will bring more good to a world desperately in need of it.

We’re calling it Rambing Rosie. Its our little effort to help up the universal energy by using what we’ve been given to improve the lives of shelter animals across the country, starting here in Denver, of course.

Rambling Rosie is the culmination of so SO many conversations about what we want to do and where we want to go. Its also the name of our sweet pup.

Grateful Wed (2)
rosie, our rambling pup

Our plan with Rambling Rosie is begin a nonprofit that supports animal shelters and rescues by photographing their animals at their best. Not in still poses or behind their cages, but out and about doing what they do best, dogging, rambling, wrestling, jumping, playing, being DOGS.

Shelters often face resource constraints when serving so many animals so we’re hoping to make Rambing Rosie’s services 100% free for all participating shelters. We’re also planning to hit the road in the next six months to take the Rambling Rosie mission across the country (See Travel tab for more dets on that part!).

With us luck and as Rosie does, Ramble On.

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