We love our dog.

Rambling Rosie is our dog. She’s brown and furry and our very best friend. She has lots of nicknames, like┬áRamblin’ Rose, Rosebud, Woahs Woahs, Wamblin Woahs, the RoseFace Killah.

She’s the inspiration for our next big adventure, traveling the country and photographing shelter dogs. She loves adventures, maybe more than anyone, so we’re pretty sure she’s going to love traveling around with us.

We also love adventures.

We are Judson and Kirsten, a dog-loving duo from Denver, Colorado. We currently run a dog adventure business (yes, in Colorado, this is a thing) taking dogs on off-leash adventures, dog-sitting them at our house, and taking some bada$$ photos of them.

We love dogs SO MUCH. We also love adventures and good music and good beer and good people. And we think we found a way to combine all of those wonderful things.

We’re planning our biggest adventure yet.

We love our city, our friends, our clients, our garden, our house, and our community. But we want to get out and stretch our legs. See the country from a different angle, figure some things out, and have some fun with our dog along the way.

So we’re planning to pack up and take our business and our dreams on the road to see what else we can do.

And we also want to do some good.

Part of adventure is growth, getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things and meeting new people. So we’re planning to launch some of our biggest dreams along the way.

As professional dog-lovers, we believe deeply in the power of animals to change people’s lives (and vice versa), so we’re planning our nonprofit and travels dreams around providing much-needed and deserved services to animal rescues and shelters as we travel the US and the world.

Judson is a photographer and Kirsten is a really excellent dog snuggler so we’ll be connecting with shelters to provide free photography for their adoptable animals as well as other volunteer services along the way.

We can’t wait to learn more about the country we live and love, what makes its people tick, argue, its dogs bark, and all of us laugh, smile, cry, and feel joy. So we’ll be documenting our adventures in blog form here and also on our Instagram.

So stay tuned, and ramble on.