Ramblin’ Rosie

A Q&A with the Ramblin’ Rosie herself:

What are you?

I’m a dog.

What kind?

I’ve been called a “Great American Brown Dog”. But I’m brown and a dog.

How old are you?

About four.

Where are you from?

Not totally sure, but there were a few people who fed me before I met Judson and Kirsten, but they couldn’t keep me for whatever reason. Then Judson showed up and I won the dog lottery. Now I live in Denver and hopefully soon, I’ll be hitting the road with my parents!

What do you like to do?

Well, right now I go on a lot of adventures with my dad (he goes on adventures for a living). I like to play with other dogs (I’m a social butterfly), I swim a little, I wear a lot of cool collars (thanks mom!), I really like breakfast and dinner, and I also really enjoy taking the trashcan out of the cabinet and putting it in different places around the house when my parents are gone.

What are you most proud of?

I just passed my therapy dog evaluation with Pet Partners! My mom and I took the course and just finished our test and now we’re ready to go help people. I’m really good at being hugged and snuggled by a lot of people so we think maybe kids would be fun to visit, like a children’s hospital. We also think it might be good to visit some cancer centers because I’m a pretty happy girl and I think I could help boost people’s endorphins when they’re going through a hard time.

What are you most looking forward to about life on the road?

Hanging out with mom and dad ALL DAY EVERYDAY. And seeing new places, going on hikes, swimming in the ocean, seeing our families, and napping in sunny spots.