Part of the motivation for our next venture and adventure is our desire travel more and simplify our lives.

We love our community, but we also love travel and adventure and we’re hoping to combine both by taking our lives on the road in an RV, camper, or skoolie.


Well, for one, we love tiny houses and we’re pretty tired of yard work (we currently live on a half-acre semi-tamed urban farm). We’ve begun our journey towards simplification by living in a small home (600 square feet), but feel that our lives could be bigger with even less space.

Unbeknownst to us prior to this past year, there is an incredible subculture in the RV world of full-timers traveling around the country year round in various forms on mobile housing—tiny homes (we did know about this one, but only in theory), RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, skoolies (converted school buses), and more. We love the creativity that accompanies this lifestyle and are SO ready to jump in.


Kirsten currently works in a remote job and Judson is planning to focus on the Rambling Rosie photography concept and run our Denver-based Odog Adventures business from the road.

We’re taking the next few months to establish our plan, setup our nonprofit, and figure out how to work full-time from a mobile living space.

We don’t have children, just our Rose Rose, but we know plenty of full-timers who are raising amazing families from tiny, mobile spaces and you know what, we kinda want to, too.

So stay tuned and follow our blog posts with the tag “Travel” to learn more about how we’re going to make it happen!